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Customer Testimonials

This letter is to thank Chef Jennifer for helping change our lives. We appreciate you sharing your knowledge of detoxing our bodies of impurities and bad things for our bodies.  The Bible teaches us that our body is a temple of the Holy Ghost and if we defy it, our bodies will be destroyed.  Because of the choices that we make, we can allow our bodies to become destroyed. It is not God's plan that we be sick, but if we do not feed our bodies wholesome food, it will give place to Satan to send sicknesses and diseases upon us.  Chef Jennifer's detoxing program helped us to cleanse our bodies, and our minds of things that did not belong. I lost 12 lbs. in six days and it has not come back. Dr. Thomas lost 15 lbs.  We feel so much better.  We are still striving to keep our bodies pure of toxic foods and drinks. We would recommend this program to anyone. It can't help but change your life. Chef Jennifer has amazing knowledge in this field. She creates heavenly dishes.  

Dr. Thomas & Pastor Judy McKnight -TN