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Chef Jennifer's Story


We all have a story to tell.  My story started when I was 17 years old, I was diagnosed with a pituitary brain tumor. The tumor could not be removed, only managed by medication, which made me very ill. When the doctor told me that there is no cure for my condition I was devastated. I became very depressed so the doctors put me on antidepressant medication. For years I went from doctor to doctor, on and off of medications only to find myself worse than I was before. I experienced side effects from being tired, depressed, confused, over weight to suicidal.  This experience has caused me to turn to alternative medicine of natural healing. With the power of prayer and a healthy lifestyle I was completely healed and the tumor was gone. 

I was faced with another challenge when I found out that my grandmother was gravely ill and was sent home by her doctor to die. I immediately took charge and changed her diet by removing all artificial and processed foods. Within one month, she was restored back to health and lived another 10 years of pure joy and energy! After she passed, I decided to pursue my dream in the natural healing of plant based raw food lifestyle.

I was led to Chef Sara's Raw Vegan Academy & Café. So off to Arizona I went. Chef Sara took me under her wings and mentored me in the science of raw foods living cuisines. The experience, education, and wisdom I received from Chef Sara have changed my life completely.

During my stay with Chef Sara, I witnessed people with stage 4 cancer being transformed back to health by detoxing their bodies and feeding it with raw plant based foods.
I graduated from Chef Sara's Raw Vegan Academy & Café with the knowledge, skills, and greater passion to carry on the legacy thru the healing power of God's Medicine to the world.  Now I know that "You Don't Have To Be Sick, It Is A Choice". I’m filled with gratitude to Chef Sara and my family who supported me throughout this journey.